Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Small Taste of South America

Hi everyone,

I was between contracts and had too much time on my what was I to do? Cash in some airmiles and head to Argentina of course. I took a short two week jaunt thinking I would stay in and around Buenos Aires. I ended up visiting Uruguay, Argentinean wine country, and Santiago de Chile. I loved everything I saw, was inspired by the bus trip through the Andes, and really have to thank my hosts Pedro in BsAs and Felipe in Santiago for all of their hospitality...I will be back! T

Crossing the Andes

Colonia, Uruguay

Felipe in Santiago

Terry, Pedro, and Lorena

Colonia, Uruguay

Canopy of trees in BsAs

La Boca

Cemetary in BsAs

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SuperchilledTrevor said...

Isn't Colonia a very photogenic place? I loved it, but was there too short a time. Glad you had a good time - we'd both love to go back to South America, just a little tricky at the moment for us...